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What services do you offer?

Buy212Telephonenumber.com specializes in providing 212 area code phone numbers to customers in the New York City area, the state of New York, USA and abroad. We also maintain a smaller business niche by providing customers with excellent phone numbers in the New York City other area codes of 347, 646, 718, 917, 929 and 332. 

Is this legal?

Yes. On November 24, 2003, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) enacted legislation allowing greater flexibility with your telephone number. Wireless, land line and internet customers can now purchase their telephone number from a small or large telephone number provider and switch carriers through portability.

What is portability?

Portability or Local Number Portability (LPN) refers to the ability to transfer a fixed-line or mobile telephone number to a different carrier.
If you have a land line or mobile account in your name, you will be able to move the telephone number to a different carrier. There are some restrictions as it relates to porting a telephone number, it must be within the physical area of the specific area code unless porting to a VoIP, Prepaid Service with a carrier or telephone number management service such as Google Voice.

If I purchase a 212 area code phone number from your company can I port it?

Yes. All of our 212 area code phone numbers can be ported to a different carrier.

Will I own the 212 area code phone number if I purchase from your company?

Yes. As long as you keep your 212 area code phone number in active status with a service provider – you will have exclusive use of your 212 area code telephone number.

Are there any other charges associated with owning a 212 area code phone number after purchase?

No, there are no other charges associated with owning a 212 area code number from us. We provide the SIM card free of charge and ship the SIM card USPS mail to arrive to your address in 1 or 2 days. Also, we provide $10 of airtime to make a few calls and allow up to 90 days to port your number free of charge. Moreover, porting to a cellular carrier or a VoIP is also free. Google Voice will charge a one-time $20 fee to port to their service.  

How long does it take to receive my account information for porting after I purchase?

Usually within 15 minutes after purchase when Live Chat is on or within 8 hours. 

What devices will the SIM card work?

The 212 area code number SIM card we ship will work in an AT&T brand or unlocked phone.

What is a Phoneword?

A phoneword is an alphanumeric equivalent of a telephone number. In many countries there exist letters corresponding to each digit on a telephone number keypad. The letters corresponding to a particular telephone number can form a word, partial word, acronym, abbreviation or an alphanumber combination. Phonewords are popular because of their increased memorability and response rate to advertising over standard numbers. Phonewords are also called easy-to-remember and vanity numbers. Because of increase popularity of phonewords we have a growing database of 212 area code phonewords that we offer now to customers for purchase.

How does Buy212Telephonenumber’s Buy Block 212 Numbers work?

Individual and business 212 area code telephone number holders may list their 212 area code phone numbers on our Buy Block 212 Number page for ABSOLUTELY FREE! If your 212 area code telephone number(s) sell a 28.5% service fee is payable to Buy212Telephonenumber. Buy212Telephonenumber will assist in completing the transaction. Buyer will be required to send Buy212Telephonenumber their payment or fund an escrow account (we have been working with Escrow.com), the seller will be required to transfer their telephone number(s) to buyer’s account, and when the transfer is complete Buy212Telephonenumber or escrow will release funds to the seller. When submitting your 212 area code telephone number(s) for a post, please include in your message to Buy212Telephonenumber the telephone number(s), your asking price, whether best offer accepted and Payment Method. Buy212Telephonenumber reserves the right to not list a 212 area code telephone number based upon but not limited to a 212 area code telephone number not having a unique prefix, the seller wanting to post an overly inflated price or lack of salability.

I’m interested in Monthly Leasing a 212 area code number, how does that work?

With Monthly Leasing a 212 area code number you’ll be able to make and receive calls and engage in text messaging from any phone, as if it’s coming from your monthly leased Phoneword or Elite 212 area code phone number. Our process is quite simple, dial your monthly lease 212 area code phone number from any phone and enter the access code we provide to be connected to the system, and begin making and receiving calls and text messages. When logged in the system your calls and text messages will appear on a person caller id as your monthly lease 212 area code phone number, and when logged out, as the telephone number associated with the phone you are using.

Account set up time to monthly lease one of our 212 numbers is 1 to 3 days and a 3 month minimum lease period is required. Your first month payment will be for selection of your telephone number and 1 month service, and within 3 days you will be billed for your next two months. There is no work required on your behalf to monthly lease a 212 phone number from us, other than providing us your cell phone number where you want incoming 212 calls and text messages to be forwarded. Special pricing may be available on certain 212 monthly lease telephone numbers for customers looking for a one year commitment.

I want to become a Reseller of 212 area code products, how does it work?

Our Reseller Program offers huge savings and generous benefits to individuals or companies joining our program. By becoming a member you can save 25%, 35% or 50% off listed prices depending on your level of membership: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

All members will enjoy the benefit of having letters X, Y and Z revealed on certain 212 area code telephone numbers prior to making a purchase decision and priority customer care.

Bronze membership will entitle the recipient to a 25% savings on all purchases. Silver membership will receive free Google Voice Activation Assistance and SIM card Assistance plus 35% savings on their purchases. Gold members will receive all the benefits of Silver membership plus an opportunity to have their store listed on our site as an affiliate store and 50% savings on all purchases.

Moreover, members will receive a personalized coupon code to apply their savings at checkout and irregular emails with additional savings not mentioned here.

Pricing is as follow and we only charge a one-time fee:
Bronze Membership with 25% Savings and benefits – $650;
Silver Membership with 35% Savings and benefits – $1,050;
Gold Membership with 50% Savings and benefits – $4,500.

Savings and benefits of the Reseller Program are strictly reserved to members of the program and certain 212 Elite or Phoneword numbers may be ineligible to receive percent savings in the program. Management reserves discretion to add to or alter any aspect of the program but may not change the percent savings of existing members.

What is your Return and Exchange Policy?

Returns are accepted for full refund for two reasons, if the telephone number you purchased is not working on the carrier’s network (almost never occurs), or we did not provide you with the telephone number you purchased (not as described). In either situation contact us within 14 days of your purchase date and we’ll exchange the telephone number (for a telephone number of equal value if you choose) or grant a full refund. Returns are not accepted outside of the two aforementioned reasons. Customers who would like to exchange their telephone number after purchase for a different telephone number may do so, but a $10 or 15% restocking fee will apply, whichever is greater. We do not offer an exchange or accept return for a refund regardless of reason 14 days after purchase date.

Where is your customer service workplace located?

Our workplace is located in Honolulu, Hawaii and staffed with well-trained customer service professionals. It’s our location in Honolulu where we handle and fulfill most customers inquiries and orders.