Block 212 Numbers

Individual and business holders of block 212 area code telephone numbers may list their block 212 area code telephone numbers on our Block 212 Numbers Page for ABSOLUTELY FREE! If your block 212 numbers sell a 31.5% (33.5% if using service fee is payable to Buy212TelePhoneNumber. Buy212TelePhoneNumber will assist in completing the transaction. Buyer will be required to send their payment to Buy212TelePhoneNumber bank account to be held in escrow until the porting process is complete or fund an escrow account (we have been working with Seller will be required to port the numbers purchased by the buyer to buyer’s specified service provider. Once the port has been verified by Buy212TelePhoneNumber as complete, funds will be released to the Seller by Buy212TelePhoneNumber or When submitting your block 212 numbers for post be sure to provide your 212 block telephone numbers, Asking Price and Payment Method.